General Information

Our primary interest is preventive health care for children and young people. Fortunately, antibiotics and other drugs are rarely needed in this age group.

We reserve sufficient time for our children and adolescents as well as for the concerns and requests of their parents.

We aim at keeping the waiting time as short as possible.

Therefore, we sincerely ask you to make appointments (and cancel them, if necessary) by phone in time, and to give us a call in advance even in case of an acute problem.

Even during the „flu season“ there is only a low risk of infection in the office due to an isolation room as well as generous space availability. 

An active network of cooperating partners avoids time consuming errands and phone calls.

House calls, as well evening, Sunday, and holiday appointments are available under special circumstances.


Private appointments can be arranged.

Parent Information

You will find information on various questions about your child here.

Vaccination Information

  • Corona-Vaccination from age of 6 month on
  • Influenza-Vaccination from the age of 7 months until the 18th birthday
  • HPV-Vaccination vom 9.-12. until the 21st birthday

 Answers to questions regarding vaccination:

Infection-free afternoon

As an infectiologist, the avoidance of infection in the office is of particular concern to me, although complete freedom from infection (sterility) cannot be guaranteed outside of closed (intensive) medical care units.


Therefore, since 2010, we have been offering appointments outside of official office hours, depending on availability, primarily for children and adolescents at risk of infection (e.g. premature babies, immunocompromised patients) and private patients.


However, I ask for your understanding that, for ethical reasons, emergencies must also be treated during these hours (in compliance with all necessary hygiene measures).


  • Tuesday, Thursday or Friday depending on time availability
  • for premature babies, immunocompromised patients and private appointments incl. talk therapy.

Emergency service

currently not available on weekends and holidays.

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